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Higher education abroad is highly competitive and requires high levels of commitment and expertise. So choosing the right education facilitator is essential to achieve a seat in your dream university. We Highline Training & Educations Study abroad division is handled by a team of experts and they are ready to help you to achieve your dream course anywhere in the globe. With over 15 years of expertise and having partnered with over 300 universities worldwide, our dedicated team would certainly be the right choice to assist you with right from selecting the destination, university/college, course, submitting your applications, SOPs, admission, visa processing, document attestation/notarization, language test training, registration & interviews, to scholarships, bank loans, travel/accommodation arrangements, money exchange, legal assistance, etc.




A lot of students consider working with people as their primary reason to study medicine. If you are a people person, medicine is the right choice for you. The decision to become a doctor is very important in many ways. The detailed planning required to choose the right study destination and University, the finances to be arranged, the intense commitment that a student have to contribute towards this are to name a few. Hence students need to take an informed decision before stepping toward the Medical Career.

Our aim to offer great Doctors with humanistic values to the society is here to facilitate admissions to students and parents seeking admission to leading medical universities in developed medical systems such as USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, UK, Europe and South East Asia at affordable cost. Nowadays even the capable and bright students are not able to study Medicine in their native countries, because of the limitation of seat, huge capitation fees. quota system etc. This fact makes them to leave their dream altogether and join other subjects or repeat the entrance exams over and over again.

If one takes the WHO figure; the shortfall of doctors throughout the world is huge. Countries like United States, UK, and Australia face a huge shortage which would reach alarming proportion by 2020.Though developed countries of the world like USA , UK , Canada ,Australia etc remain the first choice of students and parent seeking world class medical education , one should be realistic that it can be extremely challenging in term of time, fees and intellectual effort though the reward for the same is a flourishing medical career. Moreover to get admission in institutions of these countries, students have to undertake the Admission Tests.

The UK Clinical Aptitude Test (UKCAT) or the Biomedical Admissions Test (BMAT), Graduate Australian Medical School Admission Test (GAMSAT) or MCAT (North American Medical College Admission Test and so on

We offer Medical Studies in :-

  • Hungary
  • Poland
  • China
  • Ukraine
  • Russia
  • Latvia
  • Malaysia
  • Lithuania
  • Bulgaria
  • Philippines

Why Medicine Abroad

  • Eligible for competency exams conducted by medical councils across the world.
  • Earn Medical degrees which are highly rated all over the world.
  • State of the art infrastructure and laboratories based on cutting edge technology Cost Advantage.
  • Course curriculum updated regularly as per inputs from latest research.
  • WHO/MCI Approved Universities
  • Cultural exchange with students from various countries
  • International Placement opportunities
  • International opportunities.


The Tourism and Hospitality Industry is a broad category of fields within the service industry that includes Travel, lodging, food, event planning, theme parks, cruise line etc it offers a dynamic world that is exciting as well as financially rewarding. Tourism and hospitality Industry in around the world has immense potential considering the tourism and hospitality industry. It’s one of the world’s fastest growing industries in the country. According to the World Travel & Tourism Council, the hospitality and tourism sector employs more than 235 million people worldwide! A wide range of job and career opportunities are available where you can quickly progress to supervisory or management positions.

Highline Training & Education providing consultancy service for the students to get many of the top notch colleges and universities in countries like Canada, Germany, Switzerland, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, France, Spain, Ireland, and UK etc.


  • Hotels /motels / Restaurants & resorts
  • Cruise
  • Transportation
  • Travel agencies
  • Tour companies
  • Tourist attractions
  • Leisure, recreation and sport
  • Cultural industries
  • A multibillion dollar Cruise Industry
  • Entertainment, Recreation and Leisure Industry.
  • Travel and Tourism Organizations like WTO, IATA, IATO etc as well as Travel Media and Research Organizations
  • Tour Planners, Tour Escorts, Publicity and Reservation Specialists, Transport Co-coordinators etc.
  • Airlines & major Travel & Tourism Industry employers, offering host of Jobs in various sectors like: Reservation Agents, Flight Attendants, Flight catering etc.

Hot Programs

  • Hospitality Management-Toronto Campus, Lambton College, Canada
  • PG Diploma in Hospitality Management, Dimensions International College, Singapore
  • International Advanced Diploma in Hospitality and Tourism Management, Informatics Academy, Singapore
  • Diploma in Hospitality & Tourism Management, FTMS Global Academy, Singapore
  • Graduate Certificate in Hospitality Management(International intake), Lambton College, Canada
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Hospitality Management, Business and Hotel Management School ,BHMS, Switzerland
  • DIPLOMA IN PROFESSIONAL COOKERY (LEVEL 5) (FOR INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS ONLY), Western Institute of Technology at Taranaki , WIIT, New Zealand
  • BA (Hons) Hospitality Management, University of West London, UK
  • International Diploma in Hospitality and Tourism Management, Informatics Academy, Singapore
  • Hospitality Management - Hotel and Resort (Co-op), Georgian College, Canada

Engineering /IT

An engineering degree is always a charming one around the world. Does the world need so many engineers? The answer is “YES”. The world needs plenty of internationally qualified, well-equipped and talented engineers. So we Highline Training & Education’s Study Abroad team is here to help you.

The engineering programs in advanced countries are delivered in close cooperation with industries of that country. Highline Training & Education brings you a variety of innovative engineering courses like Mining, Mechatronics ,Environmental Engineering, Bio-medical Engineering, Aircraft Maintenance, Audio & Video engineering, Automotive Engineering, Design Engineering, Agriculture Engineering, Fire Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Electromechanical Engineering , Architectural Engineering , Structural Engineering etc. from different well known universities in countries like Canada, UK, US, Australia, Germany, Sweden ,Japan etc.

Why engineering abroad?

  • Innovative & research oriented study facilities.
  • Industry endorsed internships in most modern units of multinational companies.
  • Post study work permits for easy access to job markets
  • Gateway to settle down in advanced country with family
  • Scholarships and /or free tuition, Students grants and paid internships.
  • Good salary anywhere in the world.

Hot Programs

  • Master of Engineering (Professional), Deakin University, Australia
  • Master of Engineering (SENG01), Charles Darwin University, Australia
  • Diploma in Aerospace Manufacturing Engineering Technician, Confederation College, Canada
  • Graduate Certificate in Practical Elements of Mechanical Engineering, Fanshawe College, Canada
  • Masters in Product Development and Materials Engineering, Jonkoping University, Sweden
  • Master of Science in Informatics (Information Engineering and Management), Jonkoping University, Sweden
  • Diploma in Electro-Mechanical Engineering Technician – Robotics, Algonquin College, Canada
  • MSc Petroleum and Gas Engineering, University of Salford, UK
  • Mechanical Engineering Technology - Design(Fast Track), Centennial College, Canada
  • Mechanical Engineering Technician – Design 3701, Centennial College, Canada


Nursing is a noble and altruistic profession, concerned primarily with the aiding of others who can not fend for themselves. Being a Nurse, will benefit the carer as well- owing to the fact that they are interacting with new and interesting people every day. If you are genuinely interested in improving someone's well-being, making someone who is sick as comfortable as possible or even delivering a new life into the world, a Nursing course is an obvious next step in your career.

Health care in general and Nursing in particular, fall among the top 10 occupations that has the largest career growth potential in the years to come .

Why Nursing

  • Nurses are well respected
  • Help others
  • Great Graduate Prospects
  • Diversity
  • In western countries, Nurses can even prescribe medicines
  • Handsome wages

There are many fast track and cost effective options available for International Nurses who wish to pursue their career abroad. Indian Nurses holding GNM Diploma can pursue their Bachelors in an accelerated manner with registrations in countries like New Zealand and Australia. Various short- term adaptation courses are also available to achieve the Nursing Registrations of these countries.

They are CAP and IRON respectively. With 15 years of experience we know how to place you with the best institution, in the best community with best career prospects. For most of the nursing programs, the spouse can accompany the student with full time work rights and earn enough to cover the living expenses also the return of investment.

The Hot programs in nursing field abroad are

  • MSc Nursing and Healthcare - Integrated, UK
  • Graduate Certificate in Concurrent Disorders, Canada
  • Critical Care Nursing, Confederation College, Canada
  • BSN Fast-track, Australia
  • BSN Fast- track. New Zealand
  • PG Diploma in Health Management, New Zealand
  • Work Permit, Ireland


Dreams of many young people are to become a good manager or an entrepreneur. We Highline Training & Education help you to accomplish your dreams to reality by providing guidance and consultancy to study in a world class campus with updated techniques and technology.

There are various cost effective programs with scholarships options offered by various universities and colleges in various countries like UK, US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, Malaysia, Singapore, Japan etc. It is essential to seek the advice of expert consultants who can guide the students in choosing the right choice based on their background.

MBA is one of the most sought after courses today and not just the career but even the search for the ideal B-School can take you round the world. Many consider that a MBA degree is the ultimate entry ticket to get a good and high-paying job. This is because a MBA educational program fetches you both knowledge and expertise.

Studying abroad enables students to meet new people, gain firsthand experience with diverse culture, work in international settings with experts imbibe different values and perspective and learn new business techniques and network across the globe. Employers are more than happy to have business graduates with international experience who would be job ready right from day one.

Hot Programs

  • Masters in Production Development and Management, Jonkoping University, Sweden
  • Graduate Certificate in Project management, Centennial College, Canada
  • Financial Planning & Wealth Management, Lambton College, Canada
  • Graduate Certificate in Marketing Management and Professional Sales (Toronto), Lambton College, Canada
  • Graduate Diploma in Operations and Production Management, Ara Institute of Canterbury., New Zealand
  • Graduate Diploma in Project Management, Ara Institute of Canterbury., New Zealand
  • Master of Business Administration, Westminster International College, Malaysia
  • Business Management Post Degree Diploma, Northern Lights College, Canada
  • Graduate Certificate in Global Logistics & Supply Chain Management, Seneca College, Canada
  • Graduate Certificate in Engineering Business and Safety Management, Confederation College, Canada
  • Global MBA at Top Ranked B School in Singapore, Tri –campus (Singapore+ Dubai+ Australia)
  • MBA for freshers at Vancouver Island University , Canada


The airline industry has witnessed a rapid advancement over the past few decades. The industry promises High salary packages and excellent perks. Our courses would be apt if you are looking to enter the aviation industry.

Fix a free consultation with our counsellor to explore more on your dream job:

  • Pilot training
  • Flight planning
  • Aviation management
  • Ground handling
  • Cabin Crew
  • Traffic Control

Institutions and Countries

International Aviation Academy of New Zealand
Algonquin College – Ottawa, Canada
Bucks New University – UK


Commercial Pilot Licence / Instrument Rating (Multi Engine) (CPL MEIR)
Private Pilot's Licence
Commercial Pilot Licence / Instrument Rating (Single Engine) (CPL SEIR)
Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL) Practical & Theory
B Sc (Hons)in Air Transport with Helicopter Pilot Training
B Sc (Hons) In Air Transport with commercial Pilot training
BA (Hons) Event and Festival management
BA (Hons) Airline and airport management
BA (Hons) International Tourism Management with air travel.


UK has been an international hub for students from time immemorial. 21 UK Universities hold position in the top 200 of the World ranking. Many Universities offer courses with short duration, which will help the students to start an early career. They have options for Sandwich Bachelors as well where the student will be working with the industry as part of their curriculum. Excellent teaching and attractive scholarships are yet another reason for students choosing UK as their study destinations.
13 of the world’s top universities are from the U.S.A. The Universities offer industry based training and research for studies in UG and PG levels. Students have options to apply for Graduate Assistantship, Teaching Assistantship and Research Assistantship. Also meritorious students can expect financial aid as well as tuition waivers.
Standard of Living in Australia is amongst the highest in the World. Moderate climate and strong Indian presence in the country attracts students to the land of Kangaroos. 2% of the World’s top Universities are Australian. Students have opportunities to avail Government scholarships according to the eligibility. After the studies they can avail up to 2 years post- study work permit and Permanent residency options
New Zealand is one among the top countries in the world for Scenic beauty and Environmental protection. It is a country of immigrants, hence rich in cultures. Country has high demand for fresh graduates due to skill shortage which opens opportunities for freshers. Compared to other western countries, the education is cost effective and paves way for Job search and PR as
Canada is one of the safe, stable country to study, work and live.Due to high standards of education, cutting edge lab and technologies and comfortable living, it is one of the hot destinations for International students. The Universities provides industry endorsed programs with internships and CO-OP in an affordable tuition fees. Students also gets an opportunity to stay back and apply for post study work permit up to 3 years post their studies. Country provides easy PR prospects as well.
Switzerland is the Global leader for hospitality courses in the World. UG and PG programs are available with 6 months paid internships each year. The Universities and Colleges have excellent placement support as well with International Hotel chains. The tuition fee is inclusive of food, accommodation and recreation.
100% tuition fee waiver, cutting edge technologies in the lab and internationally exceptional Universities are the main reason for Germany rising as a top study destination. Graduates especially Engineers find excellent job prospects there, Germany being the Engineering Hub in Europe. Industry internships are part of their curriculum and work permit up to 18 months are other attractions.

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